Friday, February 25, 2005

Remarkable color photography from Czarist Russia

Now for something completely different, as the Pythons used to say.

I came across an astonishing collection of color photos taken in the early part of the 20th century. These photos were taken by the Csar's photographer and document the lost world of the Russian Empire in vivid color. These photos represent a pioneering effort in color photography. The Library of Congress collection is available HERE.


Quincy said...

Wow! This is really, really cool! My inner history buff is going wild at the moment. Thanks for posting this.

Instructivist said...


I am glad you liked it.

I was so impressed and excited that I had to post this even though strictly speaking it doesn't relate to ed matters. Unless, of course, one thinks that everything is educational. Sort of like everything in the universe is related as the gurus tell us.

EdWonk said...

*Wow* I remember one of my college professors talking about this years ago at Florida State University. He said that the color photos were in a collection called "Photos for the Czar."

At the time, I was doubtful because I thought color photography dated from the 30s.

It's nice to see that Professor Grey was right after all.