Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Native Todesengel

Kudos to the Education Wonks for unearthing a story that sheds light on the possible motivation of the shooter at an Indian reservation. Contrary to the bleatings of skin color determinists and ethnicity mongers, the vile poison of Nazism can also infect preferred groups. The Wonks quote The Kansas City Star:

Although his people had long suffered oppression and were nearly annihilated, Jeff Weise identified with the oppressor and annihilator.

"I guess I've always carried a natural admiration for Hitler and his ideals, and his courage to take on larger nations," Jeffrey Weise, an American Indian, wrote in an online forum frequented by neo-Nazis and wannabes last year.

The postings give a glimpse into the thoughts of a troubled young man, now suspected of going on a killing rampage Monday before turning the gun on himself.
He said he was interested in finding like-minded Indians, a goal other posters on the forum encouraged. He also admitted he was a suspect in a threat at school.

"Once I commit myself to something, I stay until the end," he replied.Alternately using the online pennames Todesengel_German for "angel of death"_and "NativeNazi," Weise wrote several posts in which he said he believed Hitler and the National Socialist movement that embroiled the world in war and caused millions of deaths got a bad rap.

"When I was growing up, I was taught (like others) that Nazi's were evil and that Hitler was a very evil man ect," he wrote in one posting replete with misspellings. "Of course, not for a second did I believe this. Upon reading up on his actions, the ideals and issues the German Third Reich addressed, I began to see how much of a like had been painted about them. They truly were doing it for the better."

In other posts, he wrote that he believed a National Socialist movement could work on his reservation and planned on trying to recruit some members at school when it started up last fall.

"The only ones who oppose my views are the teachers at the high school, and a large portion of the student body who think a Nazi is a Klansman, or a White Supremacist thug. Most of the Natives I know have been poisoned by what they were taught in school."

The public school system, he wrote, "has done more harm than good, and as a result it has left many on this reservation misled and misinformed."

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