Friday, March 17, 2006

Small is radical left

The promise of the small-schools movement was to create manageable, cozy entities as an alternative to the mammoth high-school jungles. Now it turns out that small schools are a vehicle for the implementation of a radical left agenda.

See, for example, this mission statement from a new small school being set up in Chicago that goes by the inspiring name of UPLIFT:

MISSION: Our mission is to continue to adapt and align our curriculum so that it is relevant, student-centered and adheres to the highest national standards. We will transform service delivery so that the theme of social justice is embedded in all subject areas.
Perhaps none of this is surprising since the father of the movement is none other than an SDS (Weathermen) fugitive turned Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Examples of other small schools turned into radical indoctrination centers abound as chronicled by Sol Stern.


Catherine Johnson said...


Dr. Stat said...

Can no good idea go uncomtaminated by the left? It's as if Satan himself pre-emptively co-opts every potential reform before it can get off the ground. Hey, wait, maybe that's not so far-fetched....

USpace said...

This is a terrible injustice to these kids, these radical communist racist teachers should be in jail, they should at least not be allowed to intellectually injure our children.

These people are lucky that 'Evil Amerika' is so civilized, if it wasn't, many of these types would simply be murdered.

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