Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ed school "teacher"

Ever wondered what a teacher is? A school of education has the answer. Discovered by Chanman


Anonymous said...

Check out Pace University's manfiesto on what educator's "should" be: It includes this nugget:

"[Educators] are critical of bureaucratic practices such as tracking that limit some students’ access to the knowledge that creates economic and social opportunities and alienates them from the school experience ".

You might, then, wonder why Pace offers certification in gifted education: (scroll down)

History Dude aka Mr. D said...

Next time please warn us with a "Barf Alert". Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oops -- "educator's" in the first line should read "educators"

Instructivist said...

"Check out Pace University's manfiesto on what educator's "should" be:"

Thanks for the reference.

I looked at Pace's ed philosophy. It can make you sick. There is this anti-knowledge sameness in ed schools -- what E.D. Hirsch called the Thoughtworld. I think of it as an anti-intellectual cult.

Here is an excerpt from the "philosophy":

We believe that a fundamental aim in education is to nurture the development and growth of human potential within a democratic community. Along with Dewey, we dismiss strict dichotomies between knowledge and value, human experience and nature, individual and community, theory and practice, means and end, school and society, teacher and learner. We believe that education is not a transmission of knowledge between teacher and learner for the sake of some distant end; rather, it is the process of interaction between teachers and learners that enriches the students’ capacity for the experience of life within a community of learners.

They dismiss dichotomies and then promptly come up with a false dichotomy between imparting knowledge and interacting with students.