Monday, October 23, 2006

Math homework

Weapons of Math Destruction has a collection of hilarious cartoons on the fuzzy math plague.

Lots of useful information on the math wars at this companion site.


rightwingprof said...


parentalcation said...

I tried to post my answer to your homework assignment in your comments, but couldn't. You can view my answer over at my blog.

1citizen said...

I've been fighting fuzzy-headed pish-posh for years and found out facts don't work. I've resorted to humor to shame them. See:

nyceducator said...

Funny cartoons. My daughter just got placed in accelerated math (I don't know where I went wrong) and I'm happy to report they're simply doing math. Of course, I live in the burbs.

I have a post here that might be up your alley, so I wanted to let you know.