Monday, November 06, 2006

More "tutoring"

More fun and games masquerading as "tutoring":

Do you like working with kids? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged students in Chicago?

Come be a tutor for Brain Hurricane! We will train you this week, and you will start tutoring next week!

Brain Hurricane uses fun, hands-on activities to teach reading and math skills. We provide free hands-on tutoring to poor students in failing schools. Our mission is to make learning fun, and extend these opportunities to students who do not normally receive them.

Our tutoring program uses fun and engaging hands-on learning activities. Students enjoy working with their hands, interacting with teammates, and learning important math and reading skills in a way that is very different from the normal school day.
I am afraid the best way to improve reading skills is to acquire decoding skills and to actually read, and then to read some more. If a tutor is there to guide and correct, so much the better. The same goes for practicing math.


rightwingprof said...

So how do I get on this official tutoring list? I might as well get in on the action -- somebody has to want a serious tutor.

Instructivist said...

VRWC prof

Your state ed board surely must have info on SES (NCLB-mandated tutoring).

Here in Illinois, the bureaucratic hurdles put in the way of becoming an SES tutor are formidable.

Despite these hurdles, the fun & games types prevail.

Polski3 said...

Don't these NCLB tutoring companies have to be part of the Halliburton Empire????

At my school, parents were given a list of about 20 of these tutoring outfits, and asked to pick one or two.....if they wanted to learn anything about these tutoring providers, they had to attend a special meeting scheduled at a "parentally inconveinent" time, held at a school in a neighborhood where you probably don't want to be after dark.....

rightwingprof said...

"Don't these NCLB tutoring companies have to be part of the Halliburton Empire"

Hey, sign me up then!

George said...

Yes! The problem with our children's reading ability today is they don't read enough. I see this with my students all the time. Some of my students have admitted they have not read a complete book in years. How sad. I do hope that the future will find them reading.

Barry Garelick said...

You can do the Highlights for Children approach to math tutoring. Goofus and Gallant talk about irrational numbers. Goofus says "Who needs irrational numbers?" Gallant makes a mobile out of coat hangers in the shape of radical signs. Neither one understands mathematics.