Saturday, May 12, 2007

Humor -- Automation gone wild

Among the things that bug me endlessly are stupid phone menus that give endless choices (press nine if you want help). The problem is compounded by the introduction of voice recognition. Very often voice recognition has a hearing impediment. Since computers are idiots savants who lack common sense, can't think and lack real-world knowledge and experience, the result is more frustration.

But of course it is cheaper to hire a computer than a real person who often can't think either, despite all the emphasis on "critical thinking."

Automation has also made inroads into an unlikely place: the Catholic Church. To cope with an acute shortage of priests, the Church in Spain is experimenting with the automation of confessionals.

(In Spanish)

I particularly like the part where the confessor punches in "one" twice and the computer reads "eleven".

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NYC Math Teacher said...

My experience with voice recognition software:

Computer: Press or say your 12 digit account num-

Me: [Clears throat]

Computer: I'm sorry. I don't recognize that number. Press or say your 12 dig-

Me: [Kids screaming in the background]

Computer: I'm sorry. I don't recognize that number.