Saturday, March 06, 2010

Is this Science?

The global warming fraternity portrays itself as embattled but plays rough.

Stephen Schneider says "Most of our colleagues don't seem to grasp that we're not in a gentlepersons' debate ..." Stephen, I think your colleagues are well aware of that, viz: James Hansen of NASA wanted trials for climate skeptics, accusing them of high crimes against humanity Robert Kennedy Jr. called climate skeptics traitors Yvo de Boer of the UN called climate skepticism criminally irresponsible David Suzuki called for politicians who ignore climate science to be jailed DeSmogBlog's James Hoggan wants skeptics treated as war criminals (video) Grist called for Nuremberg trials for skeptics Emo-Joe Romm wanted skeptics strangled in their beds A blogger at TPM pondered when it would be acceptable to execute climate deniers Heidi Cullen of The Weather Channel called for skeptical forecasters to be decertified Bernie Sanders compared climate skeptics to Nazi appeasers. So yes, Stephen, we know why this is not a "gentlepersons' debate"