Sunday, August 07, 2005

Competition works

Proving that discovery learning can sometimes work, a school district discovers the role of schools to lure back pupils. In a sane educational world, teaching at least how to read, write and do math would be taken for granted. Of course, discovering science, history, geography and foreign languages would also be desirable.

In an ed world in which educational lunacy is the dominant mode, such a development must be celebrated as big news.

WEST PHOENIX - The Cartwright Elementary School District was once considered one of the fastest-growing areas in west Phoenix.

But the district seems to have peaked at about 20,000. The challenge now, administrators say, is to retain that enrollment number despite competition from charter, parochial or other public schools outfitted with special magnet or traditional programs.

To help do that, the district has started a new traditional school at Palm Lane Elementary. The Pride Program, as it's called, is designed for 96 sixth-graders. It will focus on the basic instructions of reading, writing and math, and students should expect a challenge, said Principal Richard Mauran.


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